April 23rd, 2011

UW Schedule is live!

For the last while I've been working on a social class scheduling site for Waterloo students. Basically, I was getting frustrated with the long (5+ clicks) process of logging in to Quest to see my weekly schedule, so I decided to do something about it.

I was also motivated by my desire to learn Node.js and the goodness of server-side Javascript. The server is written using Node.js. The libraries I'm using for all the HTTP goodness are Express (routing, middleware), Connect (middleware), Jade (template rendering), and Less (css rendering).

In the process of writing UW Schedule, I pulled out several components that I had to build into libraries of their own: node-cas (Node.js Central Authentication System client library), facebook-test-users (command line utility for managing Facebook test users), and connect-mongo (MongoDB session store for Connect). Node seems to have a great community and I'm happy to contribute back to it.

More features are in the works, but currently you can sign in (with WatIAM credentials or a normal account), add courses to your schedule, and share your schedule with friends via Facebook.

If your a Waterloo student, check it out! Feedback is welcome and appreciated.